If we find that taking over house payments is a good option for you, a win/win; then yes, we can take over your house payments, if the home meets our business model (single family home, in our target areas, etc.).  However, this takes about 3-5 days to arrange and file all the appropriate legal paperwork with banks, insurance, and title.  In some extreme cases (short sale/foreclosure) we have taken over mortgage payments, in as little as 24-hours, to prevent default.

There is some risks on both sides of this option, which needs to be disclosed:

  • Pro/Con: Unless the home mortgage is assumable, the financing will stay in your name.
    This really depends upon your situation – is it a pro/con for you.
  • Pro: Your Credit Continues to Grow
  • Pro: Relieves You of Payments
  • Pro: Move as soon as possible

Cons are listed for your awareness that SCAMS do exist… unfortunately, even in Colorado.

  • Con: If the “company” your dealing with siphons off equity (if any) and then runs.
  • Con: Claims they can sell the home and then drops the ball and runs.

Go Realty Go Property (GRGP LLC) representatives will come out to meet you, inspect the house, and talk with you regarding the option of taking over home mortgage payments and other options, if available.  There is a no obligation or pressure… just options.

Taking over house payments is an option; fill out our Quick House Quote and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If this is an emergency, such as short sale or foreclosure (trying to save credit), and you need immediate assistance…

Call our office:
Toll Free: 844-474-7266 Ext: 0
Colorado: 719-426-2255 Ext: 0
After-hours/Emergency/On-call 24/7 – Ext. 0 (zero)) .
NOTE: After hours support is intended for GRGP Tenants; however, in cases that can’t wait (evening/weekend)… please call (multiple times, if needed).