If you have driven around for any length of time you may have noticed some strategically placed ‘Bandit Signs‘ with verbiage similar to:  ‘We Buy’… Homes, Houses, Fast, All Cash, As-Is, 2-Hours, 24-Hours, 7-Days, 9-Days, and/or whatever the current spin is.

These such signs normally start to appear after some big ‘Home Investing’ seminar comes through the area.  Most of the people placing these signs don’t understand city ordinances, don’t have any financial backing, and are so pumped up (pie in the sky) that they buy a package (from the seminar) that includes signs and a phone number; hoping the parent home investing company (various companies) will buy and they will get a finders fee and/or split some of the profit.  However, there is a reason why these seminars keep coming… they need to replenish their bandit sign people and to sell another package (phone/signs).  It’s a revolving door concept; they lose as many people as they gain… so, we will continue to see these type of signs and claims each time a big time seminar comes to town.

These type signs are only authorized (if allowed, by city ordnance) to be placed in certain areas and only on the weekend.  If you continue to see such SIGNS and/or STICKERS (on poles, curbs, utility boxes, etc.) outside of allowed time frames… your dealing with a person and/or company that doesn’t adhere to code; therefore, you should question what type of person/company you might be dealing with.

NOTE: GRGP does place ‘Yard Signs‘ at properties that are being rehabbed and/or coming to market soon.