Go Realty Go Property (GRGP) runs all applicants (18+) through SmartMove (TransUnion) on behalf of the property owners and there is no simple answer to this.
GRGP is unable to determine an applicant’s qualifications until SmartMove completes all screening processes on each party over the age of 18.

Weighted Decision:

  • Property Owner: 51%
  • SmartMove: 39%
  • GRGP: 10% plus, Owner Proxy (if owner assigns such right)

Each owner establishes a baseline of criteria they look for in prospective tenants as a basis for your approval.  Property owners want to see some of the following items (but not limited to):

  • Background Checks: Good
  • Felony(ies): Never Charged/Convicted
  • Income Source(s): 2-3x Rent
  • Job History: > 6-Months
  • Rental History: Good

The following items are flags that may cause owner(s) to make a negative determination or a combination of the following: increased deposit, last month’s rent, and/or co-signers.

  • Rental History: Negative Comments (multiple late pays or any evictions)
  • Rental History: Lack of History
  • Background Checks: Negative Items (criminal, evictions, etc)
  • Payment History: Late Payments, Collections, etc.
  • Income: Not Equal to or Greater Than 2x Rent Amount

Please help us, help you… be honest and up front.