For residents with a Centralized/Cluster/Community Mailbox, you will need to visit the U.S. Post Office (USPS) that services your area/property.  Mailboxes are owned by the USPS and are federal property; they are not owned by the city/public/property/hoa/landlord.  Therefore, in order to receive keys for such a mailbox; one of the parties on the lease will need to visit the local post office with the following:

  • Lease Agreement
    Residency established
  • Valid Government issued ID

How to locate the USPS office that services your area/property:

  • Call: (800) 275-8777
  • Online: USPS Office Locations
    • Drop-down: Post Offices
    • Enter: Zip Code
  • Online: Google: Closest Postal Location
    GPS enabled and should be done from the property or manual manipulation of the map view to find the closest office to the property.

Time: Keys may be issued upon the initial visit or take 3-5 business days receive.
Tips: USPS Mailbox Tips

The USPS postmaster will provide a key(s) (limit 2), which requires a new lock and minimal fee.
USPS fees are the responsibility of the tenant(s) and are approximately $20 (subject to change) and payable to the USPS.

NOTE: Key(s) are assigned to the tenant(s) for their personnel use; not the Property Landlord/Manager/Owner.