Avoid Foreclosure by Selling?

Depending upon your situation, we may be able to buy your house quickly and easily.  There is no need to go through the uncertainty of listing your house with an agent or trying to sell it yourself.
There is no need to spend money fixing up your house to please a picky buyer.
How to: Sell House Fast – Foreclosure

We can:

  • Buy your house “as is”
  • Close on the date of your choice
  • Handle all the paperwork
  • Give you cash for your equity; however, most foreclosures have no equity.
  • Short Sale maybe your best option; however, this takes some time to work correctly.
    See our video on Short Sale vs Foreclosure

We’re not real estate agents, we don’t charge a fee and/or commission so there’s no cost to you.  By acting now… you can get the most money out of your house and stop foreclosure.
We can close in 7 to 10 business days.